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Is an Italian artist based in Barcelona and South America with an extensive career in space design and sensorial theater.


Originally trained as a dancer, she learned the craft of upholstering, carpentry and decoration with traditional Italian masters.


She later moved into costume making and worked with ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) creating sets and costumes for numerous productions.


She has been working with Teatro de los Sentidos company since 1999. She has been a co-creator and artistic coordinator in most of its main productions: The Thread of Ariadne, Oracles, Memory of the Wine, The Echo of the Shadow, Inhabitants Project, The World Upside Down, Fermentation, Short Exercises in Dying Well, Heart of Darkness, etc which have toured extensively festivals and venues in Europe and also America, Asia and Australia.


In the ensemble devising process of the company under the artistic direction of Enrique Vargas, she has specialized over the years in the conceptualization and design of its site-specific richly detailed sensorial installations, which have come to be one of the company´s trademarks. 


In 2011 she was was a co-creator and co-director along with Enrique Vargas of the production Cuando el rio suena produced by the Santiago a Mil Festival (Chile).


In 2015, she premiered in Modena her first production: dopo (“Before”) an inhabited installation presented in the Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival in Italy.In this work her main interest was in creating an installation that could have resonance with the audience during the journey.

In 2017 she presented the second step of her artistic research on ruptures and possible repairings UN ATTIMO PRIMA (one moment before) in Da vicino nessuno è normale in Milan. In this second work she worked more with actors, creating an immersive experience for a group of audience/travellers.

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