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This workshop aims to provide a framework to explore through experience the key elements of sensorial languages. The dynamics and improvisations will introduce us into that language to discover its creative power.


We will ask ourselves what is a poetic experience and what are the conditions to make it happen through games.


One of the main themes is the “art of listening”. We also say “to touch is to listen”, “to smell is to listen”, “to look is to listen”. We may also say that “to listen is to touch”. Assimilating the sensorial language, we will awaken the memory of the body through the senses. Our research is rather based on questions than on answers:


How can we find that which our body has forgotten?

What is a game made of?

When does a space become alive?

What does it mean to “inhabit”?

What is an experience?

How can we shape darkness?

How can we sculpt silence?

How can we suggest, and not impose?



Some of the themes and contents which will be explored through hands-on collective and individual exercises are: body and sensorial abilities, curiosity, intimacy, complicity, darkness and silence as a loss of reference and the opportunity to imagine, games as a learning and transformational tool, “inhabiting” vs. acting.

Gabriella Salvaterra is an ensemble member of Teatro de los Sentidos with full legal authorization to use the brand name in her own workshops and productions. Unauthorized used of the name and brand Teatro de los Sentidos will be prosecuted

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