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DOPO (“Afterwards”) is a sensorial installation which aims at researching the relationship between break and repair, with the audience´s intimate experiences as a starting point so that each person can find a meaningful connection with their own biography.


For this reason, it aims to acknowledge the fractures which compose our lives, observing the material and symbolic fragments which make us who we are.


It invites the audience members to become “travellers” and live a poetic experience, exploring a labyrinthine space made of remnant, pieces and bits which have been reassembled by “mending”, “patching” or “glueing”


This is a space where “continuity” prevails, where an apparently seamless union is forged. But upon close inspection, one can see the detail of that which has been broken, and also the attempt to repair it.


Break-ups, loss, injuries, that which we inflict upon each other or that which is broken inside of us. We are also made of all that.


We live in a society that strongly fosters and supports the importance of producing. We are getting further and further from the ability to repair. The action of repairing itself is gradually becoming invisible.


We live in a paradox: the more fragmented our existence is, the harder it gets to see that fractures which make us ourselves


To keep and incorporate a broken object into one´s life, creates a deep connection with our own wounds and that which is also broken around us.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to repair. Sometimes it is. But what is certain is when something is broken, the pieces will not be the same afterwards.

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