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“Maybe one day we’ll manage to become a tree.”


Are you able to follow a leave from the moment it comes off the branch until the exact moment it lands on the ground?


What if a river would endlessly whisper its ultimate secret? What if there was a door under a stone leading to a corner of your own story?


Nature is, above all, an open field of possibilities, place to find that which cannot be searched for.  


This project researches the relationship between nature and feelings, between walker and path. Nowadays, the idea we have of nature is closer to that of garden, orchid, a plant or a bouquet that to that of the abyssal grandness of the sea, of the rivers, of the vast forests. It is closer to the beautiful than to the sublime. Closer to decoration than to revolution.


This project proposes to consider human beings as one more inhabitant of nature, and not of society. We want to approach that nature that always keeps some secret in places unseen, places wild and unkown. Just like we do.


The workshop offers a space and time to learn hands on the key elements of sensorial theater in the wilderness. Through exercises and improvisations, we will enter this language and develop together a sensorial experience that will be shared with a selected audience. 

Gabriella Salvaterra is an ensemble member of Teatro de los Sentidos with full legal authorization to use the brand name in her own workshops and productions. Unauthorized used of the name and brand Teatro de los Sentidos will be prosecuted

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