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UN ATTIMO PRIMA  is a poignant and painful show that, as Salvaterra says, revolves around the concepts of breakage and repair ......

A moment before the break, the instant before everything went to pieces; like the dish that the actress seated at a laid table shows us. The cracks, many and ramified, start from one point: "Do you see it? Here where everything starts, is when my mother got sick » she says, but in the meantime we are caressing  those fractures of porcelain as if we were caressing our soul, as if we were feeling the edges of the wounds ......

To make everything even more evocative and successful, the costumes and the beautiful scenery in which nothing seems left to chance and you breathe the rarefied air of a childhood memory.
UN ATTIMO PRIMA is a difficult show, as I said at the beginning, that if approached with the right opening and the right courage can give great emotions. Seeing is believing.

Nike Francesca del Quercio


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And there are no stereotypical conventions in UN ATTIMO PRIMA, 50 minutes of synaesthetic trip to 360 degrees of the body, the mind, the soul that moves and moves, displaces and strokes, caresses and breaks .......
To create and guarantee this multi-sensory experience that lives on paradoxes because it is light and deep, delicate and penetrating, joyous and poignant, fragile and strong, the unique sensitivity of Gabriella Salvaterra who for almost twenty years worked with the Teatro de los Sentidos by Enrique Vargas in which the only rule has always been the game .......

We come out educated to the art of listening and with some fruitful tears on our face.

 Michele Sciancalepore

Agora - Avvenire


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