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nodo in gola


by Gabriella Salvaterra – SST Sense Specific Theatre

Dramaturgical collaboration Miguel Jofrè Sarmiento , Giovanna Pezzullo, Arianna Marano

with Giovanna Pezzullo, Arianna Marano, Gabriella Salvaterra, Davide Sorlini

Music Pancho Garcia

Olfactory landscape Giovanna Pezzullo

Technical Direction Davide Sorlini

Management Claudio Ponzana

Production SST Sense Specific Theatre - Artisti Drama




Confusion can come into our lives just like a weather event.

When it arrives, it's like being in the wind, in full sun, under rain and hail, in the middle of the night and the day, all at the same time, in a messy mix of feelings.

This is the starting point from which Gabriella Salvaterra, together with her company ( SST -Sense Specific Theatre), offers us a poetic and sensory experience in which we try to recognize this loss, and look together at those fears that hide in our personal labyrinths, where we  write an important part of our history .

Nodo in gola ( Lump in the throat) is an important turning point towards a new research in the artistic path of Gabriella Salvaterra, an intimate succession of sensorial poems inspired and guided by the things “we don't tell anyone.

 "Because things are not as they are, they are as we are"

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