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A poetic experience.


After working on the evocative power of the installation in “dopo” I have continued my research on ruptures and repairing.

The symbolic, material, practical, physical and emotional breakages that mark us with more or less visible scars that tell our story. The possible repairs, the impossible ones, the clumsy ones, the ones that "almost do not see anything anymore"; and the pieces that we still have to try to put back together.

UN ATTIMO PRIMA (one moment before) is the creation of a "show" that I prefer imagining as an "inhabited format", in which I kept elements of my installation work but where I gave more importance to the work with more inhabitants-actors, an experience for a larger group of audience- travelers.

 It is a journey, in which each traveler builds his own story, a place where the memory of the body  of those who come to visit us can spring, in which the coincidence can become significant and create the conditions to give life to an experience.
 I decided to leave the structure of the show  “empty”, I don’t  have a fix artistic crew,  and to fill it every time with the work of local people/artists/actors that want to participate to the project , to enrich the show every time with their new and different presence, their memories and improvisations.

Every one of us has something to say about breakings, sometimes the words are similar, sometimes they are completely new for me; anytime the work with new people opens new doors of perceptions and new points of view for my work.

To those who ask me what UN ATTIMO PRIMA is , I answer that I think, and I hope, that it is a poetic experience.

There are people who say that  everything in life is remedied; and you?

What do you think about it?

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