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September 19, 2019

UN ATTIMO PRIMA (A moment before)

Contemporanea Festival Prato

20-21-22 September


UN ATTIMO PRIMA is the second part of the research I made for almost 4 years on the issues of breakage and possible repair.

It is a choral work, which every time I re-create with a group of people who work with me on the spot.

It is an intimate journey, a poetic sensory experience, which through the memory of the body and the language of the senses seeks the moment that precedes a break, tries to live it or relive it, to cross it during the journey.

The show has its own defined sensory dramaturgy that is enriched and transformed each time through the work done with local participants.

There are people who say that in life there is a remedy for everything; and you? What do you think about it?

20 September at 6.00pm / 8.00pm / 10.00pm.
21 September at 17.30 / 19.30 / 21.30
22 September at 4.00pm / 6.00pm / 8.00pm

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