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by Gabriella Salvaterra - SST Sense Specific Theatre
with the collaboration of Miguel Jofré Sarmiento
with Arianna Marano, Giovanna Pezzullo, Gabriella Salvaterra
smell landscape Giovanna Pezzullo
music Pancho Garcia
costumes Giuliana Pavarotti
technical direction Davide Sorlini
executive producer Claudio Ponzana
produced by SST - Sense Specific Theater / Artists Drama

For this new work I decided to explore that type of relationship in which the idealization of love is combined with self-denial.

My creative path always develops starting from “where” it happens; words, actions, emotions that are subsequently added, all derive from this imaginary place that I try to create and in which the experience is lived.
In the journey I took to get to SUCCEDE, I tried to question myself about the betrayals we make to ourselves in the name of love, and that are hidden in the stories of many women. Identification with man, abandonment to the couple relationship and self-sacrifice, are habitual, silent and invisible phenomena, in  which womens’ identity is often hanging by a subtle and fragile thread; the confrontation with the inner
emptiness of a single woman, the fear, rather than losing a love, of losing yourself.
More than a declaration on this issue, it is an invitation to an intimate and personal reflection; rather than  offering answers, I propose to come to share some questions.

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