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Gabriella Salvaterra has worked as an instructor for over 16 years along with Teatro de los Sentidos company and on her own. She has conducted workshops on sensorial language and poetics in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Chile, Peru, China, Japan, Australia… She has been since 2012 one of the educators in the “Sensorial Language and Poetics of Games” postgraduate course of the Universitat de Girona in Barcelona


Her educational work focuses on the poetics of the senses and researches the relationship between sensorial languages and the theatrical crafts.


This line of work focuses on a language based on that which is not spoken out loud. It brings silence and darkness to the stage as indispensable tools to enable a communication between the piece and its audience.


Through a hands-on approach with exercises and improvisations, the language can be introduced to the participants to discover its creative potential. First by asking what is a poetic experience. And what are the conditions to make it possible.


The main topic of her training is “the art of listening” in the understanding that “to touch is to listen, to look is to listen”. Hence we can also say that to touch is to listen.


The research is addressed to anyone interested in understanding how our bodies can be a source of knowledge, memory and expression. And in developing poetic experiences which trigger an inner resonance and unchain individual and collective transformational processes.


This process is an opportunity to rediscover theater from a different perspective. With “travellers” instead of audience members, with “inhabitants” instead of actors. With a focus on sensorial awareness and not on an intellectual or rational approach. With an interest on that which is ambiguous and glimpsed versus that which is individual and descriptive.


In the last seven years, her interest in education has been gravitating towards work in natural spaces and facilitating in that context an intimate and deep encounter of body and space.


Gabriella Salvaterra is an ensemble member of Teatro de los Sentidos with full legal authorization to use the brand name in her own workshops and productions. Unauthorized used of the name and brand Teatro de los Sentidos will be prosecuted

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